Expansion Joints

Rhombic Noise Reduction Expansion Joint System

Everyone knows the "click-clack" sound when you drive across a roadway transition on a bridge. This pulsating sound is increased by unevenness of the surface diagonal to the driving direction. Successful noise reduction for MAURER Modular Expansion Joints is achieved by welded rhombic elements (System GO). Downward noise radiation can be absorbed by closing the gap in the cunstruction by means of a folding construction (System GU). Since both of these systems are suited for retrofitting, they can be installed at any time. 

Betoflex Expansion Joint

MAURER Betoflex® is a environmentally friendly polymer concrete used to ceate an inflexible and watertight anchor for the edge profiles of traffic-exposed MAURER Single-Seal Expansion Joints in bridge constructions and superstructures. MAURER Betoflex®-Expansion Joints have a low structural height and are therefore particularly suited for maintenance measures or if little space is available. MAURER Betoflex® can be retrofitted to make the connections to the road surface more even and, therefore to contribute to more effective noise reduction.

Railway Expansion Joints

MAURER DB Expansion Joints (DB = Deutsche Bahn AG/German Railroad Company) for expansion ranges of 40, 80 and 130 millimeters are used in railroad bridges. A special pad profile ensures watertight absorption of motions, traffic load distribution as well as gap-free support of the crushed stone bed. Anchoring and watertight connection to the steel edge construction is provided by aluminum clamping strips and prestressed bolts. MAURER DB Expansion Joints are authorized by Deutsche Bahn AG. Larger expansion ranges can be achieved by series connection of MAURER DB Expansion Joints.

Girder Grid Expansion Joint System

Swivel Expansion Joint System

The MAURER Swivel Joists-Expansion Joint is suited particularly for large and complex movements even where little space is available. A swivel mechanism enables parallel control of the centre beams therefore unrestricted series of centre beams is possible nabling motions of significantly more than two metres.

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