Earthquake Devices

Shock Transmission Units (STU's)

MAURER Shock Transmission Units are hydraulic safety devices that lock at strong impulses, such as earthquake shocks or sudden braking on bridge constructions, and therefore clamp the construction. However, they are designed to allow shifting without much resistance if slow movements occur as in everyday usage. MAURER Load Limiters are hydraulic-safety devices that limit the reaction force upward by velocity-based control of oil flow. By using such elements, construction damage caused by extreme shifting velocities can be efficiently avoided. 

Seismic Isolators

MAURER Isolators enable an effective separation of constructions from the subsurface. Serious damages due to earthquakes can therefore be avoided. MAURER Isolators are constructed to perfectly meet the following four basic requirements: carrying vertical loads, horizontal displacement capacity, horizontal recentring and effective energy dissipation. 

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