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Earthquake Devices

Seismic Joints

     MAURER Seismic Joints either accommodate seismic displacement by means of modular lamella systems or by a special Fuse Box System (predetermined breaking point device). With the help of these two systems, damage can be prevented or limited. Roadworthiness and crossing are ensured during and after the earthquake.

Sliding Isolator

     MAURER Isolators enable an effective separation of constructions from the subsurface. Serious damages due to earthquakes can therefore be avoided. MAURER Isolators are constructed to perfectly meet the following four basic requirements: carrying vertical loads, horizontal displacement capacity, horizontal recentring and effective energy dissipation.


     MAURER dampers convert kinetic energy into thermal energy. This process is called dissipation. The dampers continuously and specifically reduce the energy passed into the structure by seismic impacts and thus prevent damages due to horizontal transgression of acceleration and movement. To this end, the damping property of different materials and liquids is used. Deformation- and speed-depending as well as adaptive systems are at choice.

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