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Structural Bearings

Elastomeric Bearings

   MAURER Elastomeric Bearings are produced in-house using a mixture containing natural or chloroprene rubber. The standard version is suitable for usage temperatures ranging from -40° to 50° Celsius and complies with the shear modulus class G = 0.90 N/mm² according to EN 1337-3. On request, bearings according to other standards or requirements, e.g. AASHTO, are available. MAURER Elastomeric Bearings with a CE marking are also provided in combination with PTFE-sliding elements or with rigid connection constructions. 

Spherical Bearings

     For more than 40 years MAURER has been the market-leader in the production of spherical bearings. Resembling the construction principle of a ball joint this compact structural bearing enables huge twists at low resistance – especially on force impacts that might be modified by direction and/or intensity. An additional even sliding surface enables the bearing of constructions with hardly any restraints. MAURER Spherical Bearings have a CE marking and are available in combination with the sliding material PTFE according to EN 1337-7 and MSM® according to ETA 06/0131. 

Pot Bearings

     MAURER Pot Bearings are able to absorb construction twists. This is ensured by deforming an embedded elastomeric plate with particularly low deforming resistance (in-house production and formula). A patented seal made of coal/PTFE minimizes the abrasion of the bearing which is caused by varying twists. MAURER Pot Bearings with a CE marking according to EN 1337-5 are also available in combination with PTFE-sliding elements and can be used for loads of up to 7,500 tons at temperatures between -35 and 50 degree Celsius. 

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